“In houses that look toward the south, the sun penetrates the portico in winter.”


Every 15 minutes, the sun releases more energy than all the peoples of the earth use in an entire year.

Through crop rotation and other farming and agricultural practices, people began harvesting and channeling the power of the sun some 10,000 years ago.

In 2013, Willwork Exhibit & Event Services began to enlist the power of the sun to operate our corporate headquarters at 23 Norfolk Avenue in South Easton.

“Transitioning to solar synchs with what Willwork does … for its clients and internally,” said Dave King, General Manager for Willwork. “And that is to deliver increased value, and look for and implement more effective systems and cost savings.

“By installing solar panels, Willwork has significantly lowered its electricity costs – by about 70 percent from what we paid prior to using solar energy; and these savings do not include tax benefits we receive from going solar.”

As for the climate?

“And, yes, we are helping the environment – and this is the case whether or not you believe in man-made climate change, don’t believe in it, kind of believe in it, or are unsure. Solar energy is good for the planet.”

Dave explained that Willwork first looked at solar energy options early in 2012. After research and review was completed, Willwork chose to harness the energy of the sun, and to contract with Independence Solar to design and install the solar power system for the building.

“Independence Solar is a Boston-based company which does business across the nation,” said Dave. “It has a great reputation and track record, including installing the largest rooftop solar energy system – or, in industry terms, a solar array – at the Gloucester Marine Terminal in New Jersey.”

The Willwork rooftop solar array covers 6,000 square feet – formed from 308 panels each 3′ x 6.5′ in size. At peak capacity, the array generates 90 kilowatts of electricity – and will provide the building with 100,000 kilowatt hours of electricity over the course of year, which is about the same amount of electricity three average size homes will use for the same period.

“Winning for Willwork customers – and winning for Willwork – means always improving, working smarter, and upping productivity,” said Dave King. “Drawing more and more energy from the sun to operate our corporate headquarters is a practice consistent with this mindset and commitment.”