“Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while; you don’t do things right once in a while; you do them right all the time. Winning is a habit.”

Recently, we posted here an essay on business engagement authored by Drew Powers, Vice President of Sales for Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services. Drew is a 40-year veteran of the events and show industry.

From our founding, more than 25 years ago, strong and effective engagement has been a hallmark of the way Willwork operates and does business. We engage and forge strong relationships with our customers, our business partners, and companies that provide us services and products.

Of course, an engaged workforce is fundamental to the success of a company… and Willwork has always striven to ensure its employees are engaged in, and committed to, their jobs – and that they are accountable to themselves and their colleagues, and do their work fully understanding its importance to the overall performance of the enterprise for which they work – and which they represent.

Especially, in the events and show industry, one in which logistics and timing and precision are so vital to success, every single member of a service team must share the same goal, the same dream, and must do his or her job. Because, for sure, all it takes is one person to fail and not do what he should be doing, or what she should be doing, and that can compromise and undermine the flawless efforts of many.

Having an engaged team of employees is also necessary for any organization that hopes to be stalwart and exceptionally good in delivering quality – quality in performance and customer service.

As is the case with engagement, quality in performance and customer service has always been an essential and primary component of Willwork. Now, for sure, this claim can come off as trite, and hackneyed, and one that is a requisite statement for any organization, even one that is downright horrible and deficient in performance and service.

But, you see, Willwork has the long and solid track record of evidence to support and prove its claim.

It is owed to quality that the Willwork client roster includes among the most recognized and established organizations on the planet, including Adobe, AstraZeneca, Facebook, Ford Motor Company, Google, IBM, McKesson, Nike … and smaller companies that you may not have heard of, yet … but you will.

And every company for which we work, whether it is a multinational with tens of thousands of employees, or a startup with no more than a few employees, receives the same attention and level of quality of service.

Willwork Culture, Our Way of Doing Things; “Whatever It Takes”

Willwork understands, and is directed and guided by, the truth that it is inadequate to only preach and evangelize excellent performance and customer service, and to urge it. Management and supervisors can sound this clarion all they want – but the call will not render positive and productive results without employees who have attentive and receptive ears, and who have the ability, and are fully willing, to effectively respond.
A company delivers excellent quality because it has not only excellent people – but also the right people.

Willwork spends considerable time, and dedicates considerable resources to, recruiting and hiring the right people. Being highly intelligent, highly motivated, and possessing a strong work ethic –while all valuable and estimable qualities – are not enough. Willwork looks for people who will be committed to the “Willwork Way” of doing things, and who can work well … and thrive … within the Willwork environment and culture.

Sure, people we recruit don’t have to be exactly the right fit, right off – but they must be those who have the potential to be the right fit, who want … or can be inspired and directed to … want to be the right fit.
Hiring the right people is a start. After the hire, commences training and practice that continues and is ongoing as long as a person is employed at Willwork. We believe that not only do we need to train our employees – who we regard as our most valuable resource – so that they do their job better and more efficiently, which translates to higher quality delivered to our customers – but we also believe that we owe our employees professional development. People commit to Willwork, and Willwork commits to people.

The Willwork way – Willwork culture – is embodied in the best trained and highest skilled work force in the business, across every job responsibility, every job title, every department, and at every level.
Willwork’s dedication to training is exemplified in our Willwork University, which is renowned across the industry. Willwork University is a training seminar held multiple times throughout the year at the numerous Willwork facilities nationwide. While the training and instruction is focused on and geared to events and shows, anyone working in event and shows, whatever their position, can realize tremendous value in attending the university.

Over the two days, Willwork lead personnel, supervisors, and managers instruct and teach all aspects of the job that laborers must be proficient in to be successful. The curriculum is a mix of classroom, shop floor, and exhibit floor instruction. Those who successfully complete the university even receive a certificate of graduation from the university.

A keystone of the Willwork way and our operating culture, that which is manifest in our people, is being proactive, always being on the lookout to add value, never becoming complacent, and never thinking that a job is just good enough.

Willwork has something of an unofficial motto, “Whatever It Takes.” We honor and abide by it.

As for always looking out ways to add value, and for ways to help, consider the following excerpts from written testimonials we recently received from four different clients:

“Hi Brandon! I wanted to thank you again for going the extra mile to help make sure the NECA show as a success …. We can’t thank you enough for helping us out over the weekend- and making sure we had everything we needed before you left …. “

“ …. Mandy is always a tremendous help, but now more than ever during this insane busy season, she is absolutely invaluable to the success of not only the events, but of the sanity of the team. She has personally saved me from numerous fire drill situations MANY times …. “

“ …. You and your team were beyond accommodating, as well as a last minute savior and source when needed – and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated it! …. ”

“You are all pro-active, professionals and overall, everyone’s attitude on the show floor was so positive and forward thinking, it made our jobs so much easier and actually a pleasure, even at times when the pressure was on from our executives.”

“Bob is an extremely conscientious professional whose number one priority was to make ME – the Client – come out as a total hero to my superiors, company and client.  Bob came up with some great creative ideas for a reasonable budget.  He also jumped through hoops the Sunday prior to the event to deliver some last minute add-ons we requested. “The Never Ending Quest for Improvement – and to Deliver Increased Quality; Staying Young, and Staying Hungry Another important aspect, quality, of the Willwork way and the Willwork culture, of our way of doing things – one that nurtures, fuels, and supports our quest to always be better, is that our employees stay young in spirit and in the way they go about their jobs. They stay hungry – and enthused and excited.

And, every day, every Willwork employee in every one of our offices from coast to coast, calls on an inner Vince Lombardi to staying fully vigilant, and fully focused on, and working with full effort toward, not winning and being highly competitive some of the time, or most of the time … but all of the time.

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