In the show and events industry, being able to quickly innovate, adapt, change course, mediate, and bring together and coordinate effective and skilled teams of tradespeople and other workers … to wow and make things happen … is at a premium.

Across America, Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services is recognized for its ability to deliver the highest quality while adhering to … and often staying out in front of … the most demanding timelines – and meeting or beating the most demanding deadlines.

In everything we do … every assignment … Willwork clients “Experience the Energy.”

Consider an installation & dismantle we did for Project Frog, a revolutionary and world leading designer of energy efficient component buildings that are used across many sectors of society, primarily in education, healthcare, retail, and private housing.

Project Frog came to Boston to display one its structures at the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, the world’s largest event dedicated to green building.

Willwork was contracted to install and dismantle a … well we’ll let the Project Frog people describe the building: a “1,200 sf Net Zero Energy structure … dubbed ‘Frog Zero’” and which “incorporates the ideal learning environment into the greenest, most sustainable commercial building solution available.” Frog Zero “features 75 percent energy demand reduction, abundant natural light and glare control, superior air quality, fungible user technology, microclimate customization and advanced climate controls in an easy to configure package.”

Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services definitely wowed and delivered for Project Frog. The structure typically requires two months to construct – Willwork had seven days! Through pre-planning, and some pre-assembly, Willwork worked around the clock, and accomplished the task ahead of schedule and in record time.

Willwork coordinated the warehousing, then shipped and received the components at the build site in front of the Boston Convention & Exposition Center.

In that the job was done outdoors in Boston in late November meant that the weather could vary greatly – and that ended up being the case. (Yes it was Mark Twain who said, “If you don’t like New England weather, wait a minute.”)
For the installation, temperatures were mild and the air was calm. Yet for the dismantle, there were strong and persistent winds blowing in from the Harbor, and bone-chilling temperatures that ranged (on the Fahrenheit scale) from the mid 20s down to single digits – with wind chill temps getting below zero at night. To quote the supervisor from California: “This was bout the coldest I’ve ever been; single digits and a wind that would not quit. (But) Not one of the workers complained or slowed down.”

Willwork employees representing two labor unions – Iron Workers and Teamsters – comprised the crew.

Willwork coordinated and directed all the heavy equipment operations on the site, including cranes which lifted and put in place eight ceiling panels, each weighing 4,500 pounds. As well, on site, certain components had to be customized and retrofitted, with some of that work involving running table saws on top of roofs 14’ off the ground.

Dismantle of Frog Zero also went smoothly and was completed in considerably less time than projected.

Not long after Frog Zero had been dismantled – and its components packed and sent off – and were back in storage on the West Coast – Willwork was highly gratified and heartened to receive from our client a letter that lauded the efforts and abilities of our crew.

In the letter, our client described the Willwork crew as “fantastic,” and that “working around the clock every Willwork worker was focused” – and that they were “extraordinary in every aspect of this difficult project.”

Singled out for praise in the letter – for his leadership, direction, and customer service – was Bob McGlincy, Willwork’s Director of Business Management. Following is an excerpt from the letter:

“Bob McGlincy was on the job from day one … his focus and expertise made for a much easier time. Bob was present at each shift change and on the job most of the time making sure that all went well. From the beginning he made it very clear … he would do what was necessary to make this project come in on time and on budget. Bob did what he promised ….

A big THANK YOU to Bob, Fudge, Billy, and all the Grads of Willwork U.“

On its website, Project Frog designates Frog Zero in Boston to be a “Frog record” in terms of fewest man hours needed to fully assemble one of its buildings.

Project Frog: just one of the thousands of companies and organizations that knows firsthand what it means to “Experience the Energy” of Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services.