More Record-Breaking and Inspiration for the Holidays and Christmas Season

Chef Alain Rpby measures his creation: the world’s largest  candy cane (image credit: Heron PR)

We are following up on, and continuing the theme of, noteworthy and grand and large festive and holiday and Christmas-themed events and decorations.

In this space, on December 19, we published the post, “Christmas Trees That Are Major Exhibitions and Statements.”.

Four years ago, on Christmas Eve, we published here the post “Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services Does a Cal Out to Impressive and Awesome Holiday Displays and Events.”

We had to share today a link to a story, “The largest Christmas dinner to the oldest tree: 15 Guinness world records with a festive theme,” published on December 6 in the UK newspaper The Telegraph.  In the article, written by Wendy Douglas, among the record setters are “Most lights on a Christmas tree,” “Most snowmen built in one hour,” “Largest floating Christmas tree” – and world record we featured on our Facebook page last Thursday: “Largest group of carol singers.”

Hannukkah 2018 ran from December 2 through December 10. A central symbol to Hanukkah – the Jewish religious celebration which is also called “The Festival of Lights” – is the menorah.

What is the largest menorah on the planet?  Well, it seems that there is a tad of controversy surrounding the answer to that question.  For there are two groups that annually install a large and grand menorah with each saying its menorah holds the top spot.  One group installs its menorah in the New York City borough of Manhattan. One group installs its menorah in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.

If you click here you will be transported to a story, “After a battle to be the ‘world’s largest,’ two NYC menorahs continue to spread light,” published on November 30 at 6sqft.  Alexandra Alex wrote the piece.

On to a discussion of the the world’s largest candy cane.

That would be the 51-foot monstrous confection that world-renowned and award-winning pastry chef Alain Roby created in December of 2012.  Now, here’s the thing, for Mr. Roby, the owner and proprietor of All Chocolate Kitchen in Geneva, IL, that giant candy cane was the third sweet he made that earned a place in Guinness World Records.

Yes, Mr. Roby also holds records for constructing the tallest cooked sugar building and tallest chocolate sculpture.

Please click here to read a story, “Geneva chef makes world’s largest candy cane,” published in the Daily Herald Report on December 8, 2012.

Willwork hopes you have enjoyed the thought images and inspiration we have shared

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

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