The main goal of an event marketer is to generate as much attendance as possible - that's a difficult goal.

How to Boost Event Registration

You could have the best event in the world, but if no one is there to witness it, did it make an impact? All jokes aside, an event marketer's main goal is to generate as much attendance as possible – something that's not always easy to accomplish.

The industry professionals you're trying to reach with your event marketing material could have other things going on, or commitments to other events. Here are a few tricks to help you get them to clear their schedule.

1. Simplify the process
Have you ever wanted to find out more information about a company, or buy a product, but the website you're on is so complex that you log off of it immediately? This is how people registering for your event feel.

Put yourself in their shoes. They're busy industry professionals and they don't have much time during the day, and they may not read your promotional material after work. So, make the sign-up process quick and easy.

BusyConf suggests keeping your registration page to the basics – that means just one page, as well. If you find yourself needing more than one form for them to fill out, trim it down to just the essentials. That way, people won't click out while they're filling it out because it's taking too long.

"Mobile users should be able to easily fill out your registration form."

2. Go mobile
Similar to before, busy industry professionals don't always have a ton of time to spend. If they read about your event on their smartphone, but can't register through their mobile device, it's likely you'll lose a good majority of registrants.

Capterra suggests asking yourself a few question as you design the mobile experience. Does the form pop up clearly and is it legible? Do you need to scroll or zoom in any spaces? Are there any buttons that could be clicked accidentally and erase all the data?

Don't make it difficult for people. The majority of Americans use smartphones, so ostracizing that segment of the population could easily cut your attendance rate in half.

3. Create value for attendees
Your event should be considered a place to network, to view technology and methods that will revolutionize the industry and to listen to keynote speakers disseminate sage advice on a widely known subject.

Planning Pod concedes that you must create vertical value, not just horizontal. Yes, the event will be great for the industry professional because it's in his or her industry. But what else are you giving them for attending? Create as many value propositions as possible and spread that information far and wide.

4. Cross-promote
Collaborate with other events and organizations within your industry to try and generate publicity for each other's loyal following. They could help you tap into a useful market you never knew existed, and vice versa.

Cross-promotion works best when attendees are given registration discounts or certain amenities, as it encourages them to attend something they otherwise wouldn't.

Insert some of these strategies into your marketing material and registration process and watch the benefits come flowing in.

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