Reaching the millennial generation will be important for the success of your events moving forward.

Driving Millennial Attendance and Engagement at your Exhibitions

Millennials work differently from other generations because of their exposure to technology while growing up. The growth of technology has proliferated during their lifetime, and understanding their habits may lead to better attendance at your exhibition.

Understanding the workforce
According to a Pew Research Center report, millennials are now the largest generation in the current U.S. workforce. This means if your exhibition is geared toward securing investments or conversions, it's likely you will be working with a millennial as a representative of the business.

The authority of the boomer generation will slowly decline over the next 10 years as many of them opt for retirement. Since 2000, the amount of boomers still in the workforce has dropped by 20 million. Engagement methods must be geared toward a different segment of the population now – one that is usually staring at a screen.

"Social media is the best and most common way to reach millennials."

Leveraging social media
Using social media as a means for your marketing strategy is one of the most efficient and well-known ways to reach the millennial population. According to Pew Research, 29 percent of adults view their cell phone as indispensable to their daily life style – that's a large segment that you can reach through Twitter and Facebook.

Move on from newspaper and radio and into the digital age as a way to drive attendance. Keep networking while the event is live to help direct traffic to certain products and booths, as well as entice last-minute decision makers to attend the event.

Hire millennials
According to Event Manager Blog, hiring millennials to your event staff could clue you into methods of engagement that you're not aware of. They can help with social media marketing and give you pointers on how to truly reach their generation.

Go green
EMB also reported that millennials are highly active in socio-political discussion. By making changes to reduce the greenhouse emissions of your exhibition you can then advertise it as environmentally friendly and gain public relations traction through your commitment to helping the environment.

Using these methods will get you on the path to boosting millennial attendance and, in turn, engagement at your exhibition.

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