Breaking Down Trade Show Industry Figures For Exhibitors [Video]

Trade show exhibitors who routinely review market research on the industry can clue in to trends and capitalize before others catch on. Here are a few figures to keep in mind as you finish out the year.

Fifty percent—as in half of all attendees visiting your booth will go to just one trade show each year. This could be the only time you see that organization’s decision maker, so be sure to capitalize on the opportunity.

Roughly eighty-two percent of all trade show visitors had buying power in 2015. Quickly find out if you’re talking to the right person to pitch your product, or how to get in touch with that individual.

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2 Ways to Use Push Notifications At Your Next Event [Video]

Perhaps the fact that everyone always seems to be on their phones is a good thing for trade show organizers. Push notifications can be a powerful tool if used the right way.

If a certain portion of your event has historically poor attendance rates, it could be because people forget or don’t know they’re happening. A push notification can serve as a subtle reminder to head to that guest speaker or networking session.

Exhibitor spotlights can also help lesser-known organizations gain the exposure they need, while serving as another revenue stream for the event. It’s a win-win scenario – just don’t overdo it.

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2 Aspects Every Trade Show Needs [Video]

Every trade show organizer has a trick or two up his sleeve that can save the event or set it apart from the rest. Here are some ideas you may find useful during your next exhibition.

Hire a staff that will facilitate an interactive experience between attendees and the event. Instead of just passing directions to a booth, tell them to wander the floor and offer advice on what parts of the venue are worth visiting, or which lectures are sure to impress.

Every trade show needs a digital aspect – whether it be through an event app, virtual reality or dynamic signage. These turn ordinary events into spectacular shows, and give attendees something different to look forward to each year.

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Incorporate Social Media Into Your Marketing Campaign

Trade show organizers now have a wide range of tools at their disposal when developing a marketing campaign, and social media should be one of them.

Facebook and Twitter can help your event “go viral,” in the sense that getting your audience to share, like and retweet your materials can expand your reach. A witty and concise hashtag is crucial to gaining traction here.

New applications like Periscope, Snapchat and Instagram can provide the visual exposure your event needs. These platforms also allow you to interact with your attendees to create a more engaging experience. Try communicating with them during the event through social media, and see how quick people chime in about the trade show.

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What to Do After Your Trade Show is Over [Video]

When the last attendee leaves the venue and all the displays are packed up, you may feel as if your job as a trade show organizer is complete. In all reality, it’s just beginning.

There’s a lot you can learn from your staff and vendors about how the event went. Ask how you can improve next time around to help staff be more effective or efficient and what your team could have done better for the exhibitors and attendees.

Your social media marketing efforts should ramp up after your exhibition because it’s still fresh in everyone’s memories. Ask attendees for feedback on how to give them a better experience, and share photos and videos of the trade show itself. People love reliving events on social media, and it’ll help forge a connection and create a loyal fan base.

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2 Ways to Utilize an Event Technologist [Video]

There’s so much technology that can be incorporated into a trade show booth that the possibilities can be overwhelming at times. That’s why we’ve taken the time to break a couple down for you.

Holograms can range from affordable to fairly expensive, but when done right, are worth the cost. They can be utilized to showcase different products or to show off prototypes of future products your company is developing. This is great for drumming up long-term interest in your organizations’ event attendance schedule.

Virtual reality is a real crowd-pleaser. Attendees will be lined up to see how your products can be used in different scenarios in real-time, rather than listening to an explanation.

By incorporating new technology, event organizers can increase the return on investment for organizations attending through enhanced attendee engagement, which will ultimately point toward better lead generation.

2 trade show industry trends you should know [Video]

To stay ahead of the competition, trade show organizers must be on top of industry trends. In doing so, your events can bring much more value to businesses than ever before.

Using social media to spawn unique ways of interacting with attendees can boost the popularity of your event. A Guidebook study reported that eighty-six percent of event planners believe high-levels of attendee engagement are key when identifying a successful exhibition.

How is your company evaluating its events? Work toward gaining more qualified leads than just generating publicity, because the former can help develop return on investment. According to CVent, sixty-seven percent of chief marketing officers believe this metric is most important when defining its success.

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Two Tips to Boost Registration Rates [Video]

Planning an event is difficult, but getting people to attend could be considered just as hard. Here are a few tips to help you get more industry professionals in your venue.

Create infinite value for attendees by focusing on the benefits your event provides. Opportunities for networking, famous industry guest speakers and a sneak peek at technology that will revolutionize the industry are good incentives to highlight for your audience.

Don’t shy away from cross-promoting your event. Work with competitors or companies who throw similar events with your target audience to ensure both events see a large turnout. This can be done by securing sponsorships, or paying to have your event or logo featured elsewhere. All publicity is good publicity, so look for different avenues to gain exposure.

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Create an irresistible trade show booth [Video]

There are certain characteristics that draw attendees to certain booths. If you think yours could use more attention, try these tips.

LED signage and banners can help your booth stand out in crowded areas. iPads, which can be used to take down information or try a product, and other pieces of technology also have a tendency to catch people’s eye.

Instead of standing behind your booth, make sure all salespeople are out in front, ready to field questions. Staying behind a table can give the impression you don’t want to talk about your product. Be as welcoming as possible. When all else fails, free food and merchandise will help to draw a crowd, which can also help create interest.

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Get shipping right the first time [Video]

When things don’t go as planned, an event can face multiple issues.

We’re here to help you avoid that problem. One of the major considerations in planning your event can be figuring out whether you should ship to an advanced warehouse or directly to the show site. There are pros and cons to both that need to be weighed in advance. 

If the timing of receipt of your properties at your booth is critical, you may want to choose to send them to the advanced warehouse.  You will pay a bit more, but will be assured that your properties are at your booth at the earliest possible time. Work with your event company to figure out which method of drayage is right for you, your schedule and your budget.

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