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Happy Birthday, The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – A Warrior for Civil Rights, Racial Equality, and the Dignity of Workers

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. THE REVEREND DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.( Today the nation celebrates and honors the birthday of one history’s greatest and most noble warriors for human rights and social justice, and among its most powerful, effective, and unrelenting emissaries for […]

Two Willwork Clients – IBM and Kronos – Join Their Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platforms to Create One of the Most Empowering Talent Management Systems for 2019 … and Beyond

  Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services is a national leader in exhibition services and event project management. Here in the new year, 2019, we have entered our 32nd year in business. It is the privilege and good fortune of Willwork to count as our valued clients, companies and other organizations across just about all […]

More Record-Breaking and Inspiration for the Holidays and Christmas Season

We are following up on, and continuing the theme of, noteworthy and grand and large festive and holiday and Christmas-themed events and decorations. In this space, on December 19, we published the post, “Christmas Trees That Are Major Exhibitions and Statements.”. Four years ago, on Christmas Eve, we published here the post “Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event […]

Of Santa’s Elves and Good Business Practices and Getting Things Done

Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services, founded in 1987, is a national leader in exhibition services and event project management. It is our privilege to work for, and provide services to, successful and innovative businesses that range in size, operational scope, and renown– from major multinationals with hundreds of thousands of employees … to small […]

Among the Biggest and Happiest and Most Fun Events …. as Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services Will Tell You … Are Those Held for Championship Sports Teams

Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services is a national leader in exhibition services and event project management.  Some of the exhibitions and events we service and handle are corporate parties.  We admire parties that are well-planned and well-orchestrated, whether they are big parties, small parties, or midsize parties. Among the best parties on earth are those […]

The 2018 World Series. Two Classic and Storied Teams. Two Classic and Storied Ballparks

A fundamental component of the business of Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services is structures and design and architecture. A big part of what we do involves installing and dismantling exhibits and displays – some that are temporary, some that are permanent. Willwork appreciates beauty and functionality in design.  We have a soft spot for […]

About The Blockchain – and How This is One More Area and One More Technology in Which IBM … a Longtime Willwork Client … Is A Global Leader in Providing Winning Solutions to Companies and Other Organizations

Just about everyone has heard about blockchain (formerly block chain) – a method of digital ledger keeping that is the foundation of something that almost everyone has also heard about – cryptocurrencies – with the most famous of those cryptocurrencies being bitcoin, which … yes … just about everyone has heard. Now, having said that […]

Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services Honors the First Organized Women’s Work Society in the United States. It is a Society to Which Willwork Has a Strong Historic Connection

Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services is a national leader in exhibitions service and event project management. On the last day of August, on our Facebook page, we published a post about our client Benco Dental being named by the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) to the “2018 NAFE Top 70 Companies for Executive […]