Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services is finishing up a year for which we are immensely grateful.

For sure, it is good and proper to be ever mindful of that for which we should give thanks.

Still, it is most certainly the case … and this is only a positive … that the Holiday Season compels and commands a particularly strong and considerate reflection on our good fortune, and that to which good fortune is owed.

As well, during this period of the calendar, there is an increase in activity … or at least there should be … in taking account of what is truly important in life.

It has been a year, 2015 – our 28th in business – in which Willwork posted record revenues, maintained a healthy pace of hiring talented and hardworking people, and added to our expansive roster of valued service offerings … especially in the area of technology solutions and product lines.

In the more than a quarter of a century Willwork has been operating, we have grown a lot – and changed a lot – but always, from the outset … and this is something we will not grow out of, nor will this ever change … there are values we hold closely and to which we faithfully adhere.

Starting early on our journey, which commenced in 1987, Willwork has been a place of teamwork … and an enterprise that holds and supports a culture of family and caring for its employees.

Willwork is also a company that recognizes and fully appreciates that our clients keep us in business; they pay the salaries and benefits of our employees; they keep the doors open, lights on, computers running, and phones connected.

We never mail a job in, never take one for granted, and always strive to improve the quality and delivery of our services.

Willwork is mindful that it is based … and works … in the greatest country on earth – a country imperfect and flawed … and one that better and more comprehensively ensures and protects natural rights, and affords more opportunity, than any other.

In a memoriam post in this space, published on September 11, 2014, Willwork shared its thoughts on our republic; here is an excerpt:

Day in and day out we see, experience, and benefit from, first hand, the spirit, character, diversity, virtue, and work ethic of the people of this nation. Willwork, our employees, and the families of our employees are immeasurably grateful for and rewarded with the opportunities that America makes available.

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Yes, 2015 has been a wonderful year.

It has been a year of hard work, productivity, challenges, and happiness.

Willwork, Inc. Exhibit & Event Services looks forward with enthusiasm, high hopes, and competitive zeal to 2016.

And Willwork wishes for all the Happiest of Holidays … and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!