Not everyone has the marketing budget to compete with the likes of Coca-Cola or other major corporations with international reach.

3 Tips for Promoting Your Brand on a Budget

Not everyone has the marketing budget to compete with the likes of Coca-Cola or other major corporations with international reach. This means you need to make the most of your event by identifying affordable ways to promote your brand. Here are a few to get you started:

1. Viral content
Saying your company should create a viral marketing campaign is easy – actually doing so is difficult. While it ultimately falls on your marketing team to think of something that can set you apart from the crowd, it’s good to note just how helpful a video can be.

Consider taking a different spin on your event, like the Dollar Shave Club did on razors. You’ve seen the funny commercials before, where the company points out razors are often so expensive that it feels as though companies don’t want you to buy them. It all started when they struck gold on one of their very first videos, according to Mashable.

Viral content can effectively promote your brand.Viral content can effectively promote your brand.

“Content is a big part of our strategy, and there will be more coming,” CEO Michael Dubin told Mashable. “I wanted people to laugh, and people tend to remember something gives that them a visceral response.”

Sticking out should be your main goal. Whether it be for one reason or another, gaining some traction in the consumer’s mind is difficult, so take what you can get. Consider taping the next event your company plans so you can use some footage in your marketing campaign.

2. Exposure at the event
There are a number of different places you can put your brand on full display during your event. Are you having a guest speaker lecture to the crowd? Event Manager Blog recommends putting together a backdrop that can hang behind the speaker.

“Place a sign behind the lecturer for more exposure.”

Think about it – for 30 minutes to an hour, everyone’s eyes will be in one place. Make use of your captive audience and generate some exposure for your company. Brand awareness is all about making the logo and motto stick in consumer’s minds. Place it in the one area they have to look at, and watch the awareness swell.

Food can also be another great place for exposure, EMB reported. If you’re giving out any baked goods, get a two-for-one special by putting your brand logo on the frosting. No baked goods? No problem. Napkins are an affordable way to get some brand exposure as well.

3. Make the usual unusual
Consumers rarely remember the companies that do what they’re told. To stand out, and have your brand resonate, you need to do something bold. When you’re planning your next event, take a look back at all the free merchandise you’ve given out. How much of it can you remember off the top of your head exactly? If you can’t clearly paint a mental picture of the design on, say, a T-shirt or business card, you need to get back to the drawing board.

WordStream recommends creating business cards that stand out. Instead of using a plain white backdrop, fill it with images or make it a different design than the usual rectangle. If a consumer can’t pick your card out of a pile of them in just a few seconds, you’re business card is lacking in the creative department.

When it comes to free merchandise, do something different than just the logo and motto. Give out something they will use on a regular basis – like portable phone chargers, water bottles or coffee mugs. The right giveaway can put your logo in front of people on a daily basis. According to Hubspot, these items can all have their container branded, and don’t cost much to create.

Creating brand awareness on a budget is easy – you just need to find out which avenue will help your company name stand out the most from the crowd.

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